April 21, 2023

ANYO Labs X Chalmers Ventures

ANYO Labs is happy to be featured as a new Chalmers Ventures portfolio company! Sprung out of the Gothenburg innovation system this next step for the company, to become part of a successful incubator will provide the company with more tools to build a thriving business.

Charmers Ventures Say:

🚀 New portfolio company! MeetANYO Labs/ ANYO Labsrevolutionizes drug development with new AI technology

Chalmers Ventures welcomes ANYO Labs, aninnovative startup offering an#aitool to speedup the drug development process from years to months, to its portfolio.

ANYO Labs expects their AI tool to reduce the time it takes to develop and launch drugs by up to several years.


PROBLEM: The drug discovery process needs to be smarter and faster.

SOLUTION: #aitech to speed up drug discovery process through revolutionary #machinelearning tools.

POTENTIAL: Pharmaceutical companies can streamline and cut down on time and resources required to bring new drugs to market.


According to Marek Szczygiel, one of the founders of ANYO Labs and a former clinical physician, it is difficult to find the right candidates for further testing with the current solutions on the market, and in the end, over 95 percent of all candidates do not become approved drugs. However, ANYO Labs' algorithms significantly increase accuracy and enable the discovery of new molecules to find breakthrough drugs in a way that is thousands of times faster than traditional methods.

- AI in general is an enabler of much good in society. Especially in life science and pharma, where it can be used to reduce human suffering, says Sara Wallin.

- ANYO Labs already delivers on the sales side with paying customers, says Lotta Lehikoinen at ChalmersVentures. This early and positive customer validation strengthens their position in the rapidly growing market for AI in drug discovery

The awesome team atANYO Labs Leif Eriksson|Sayyed Jalil Mahdizadeh|Marek Szczygiel|André Stadelmann|Albin Boman

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